Thursday, January 01, 2009


Steve Mathews of Stem has posted the winners of the 2008 CLawBies (Canadian Law Blog Awards). See the results here.

Alas, Rule of Law did not win. But I was honoured to receive a nomination. Thank you to Laurie Mapp (whose blog, Halo Secretarial Blog, did win a CLawBie) for the nomination. I also appreciate Garry Wise's mention in Wise Law Blog of Rule of Law in this post about the awards.

Thank you to Steve Mathews for organizing the CLawBies. I have found out about other legal blogs by reading the CLawBie nominations and awards, and its great to see legal bloggers get a pat on the back. Most importantly, this kind of thing builds a sense of community among legal bloggers in Canada, who often live far apart from each other, and have very diverse experiences. Its also fun.

Oh, and Happy New Year!

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