Monday, June 11, 2007

The Royal Courts of Justice, London, England

This photograph was taken by my cousin Stephen Cook, who lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Royal Courts of Justice is the seat of both the High Court and the Court of Appeal in England.

According to the Royal Courts of Justice Visitors Guide, eleven architects competed for the contract to design the building.

In 1868 it was finally decided that George Edmund Street‚ R.A. was to be appointed the sole architect for the Royal Courts of Justice and it was he who designed the whole building from foundation to varied carvings and spires.� Building was started in 1873 by Messrs. Bull & Sons of Southampton.

There was a serious strike of masons at an early stage which threatened to extend to other trades and caused a temporary stoppage of the works. In consequence‚ foreign workmen were brought in - mostly Europeans. This aroused bitter hostility on the part of the men on strike and the newcomers had to be specially protected by the police and were housed and fed in the building.� However‚ these disputes were eventually settled and the building took eight years to complete and was officially opened by Queen Victoria on the 4th of December‚ 1882. Sadly‚ Street died before the building was opened.

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