Monday, September 11, 2006

Professor Beyer on Estate Planning for Pets

Professor Gerry W. Beyer has posted links on his Wills Trusts and Estates Prof Blog to some of his articles on estate planning for pets. To quote his post, with links:

For the non-attorney audience, I have posted the "Top 20" most frequently asked questions about pet trusts as well as an article entitled Prepare for Your Companion Pet's Future which was prepared for Phoenix Landing and includes special tips for parrot owners.

For attorneys, I have posted an article entitled Estate Planning for Non-Human Family Members.

You may be interested to note that at least 38 jurisdictions now have statutes specifically addressing pet trusts.

In his articles Professor Beyer offers thoughtful, practical analysis of the issues involved in planning for a pet's care.

Although Professor Beyer is writing about U.S. law, which differs from B.C. law, many of the same considerations apply in British Columbia. We do not have legislation specifically dealing with pet trusts, but in British Columbia you can set up a trust to fund the care of your pet using what Professor Beyer refers to as the traditional trust method.

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