Sunday, November 06, 2005

Registering Your Representation Agreement

You may register your Representation Agreement in British Columbia through the Nidus eRegistry, which is operated by the Representation Agreement Resource Centre, a non profit Society.

According to the Nidus website here,

The Nidus eRegistry is designed to facilitate communication.

When people make their personal life plans using Enduring Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements, their final question is – whom do I tell? Who should get a copy? We don’t always know who will need to know or when. The Registry offers a simple and secure way to record and store your information in a way that can be accessed quickly.

You will register contact information about yourself, your document (where the original is located) and those you’ve named in your document. You can also register a copy of your document.

For more information about Representation Agreements, see my post "Could a case like Terri Schiavo's happen in British Columbia?"

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